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This is a nostalgic legacy page! Version 2 available now!
iWannaSleep 1.2
You go to bed but feel like listening to some music, helping you fall asleep. Since your CDs have been relocated to the dusty cellar, your best (and only) choice is iTunes. But who will take care of switching off your Mac once you are drifting into dreamland? Where did the „Sleep“ function of your good old stereo go?
iWannaSleep brings exactly this nifty little piece of functionality back. Open the app, set the timer using the simple jog dial and go relax. iWannaSleep will take care of all the rest: once the countdown hits zero, it will softly fade out the music and put your computer to sleep or even shut it off altogether.
Also if you want your Mac to take different kinds of action after a certain time, you can use iWannaSleep. Simply chose a custom AppleScript as the countdown action and have it check your email, launch your backup service, switch the current playlist, send a fax, ...
iWannaSleep is freeware and can therefore be downloaded and used completely for free. Please be aware that I disclaim liability for any consequences arising due to the use of this software.

ATTENTION Mavericks-users: in the current version of Mac OS X (Mavericks) the new „App Nap“-function compromises iWannaSleep. Lucky coincidence: you can turn app-nap off for individual apps: http://www.tekrevue.com/tip/disable-app-nap-os-x-mavericks/
I appreciate any feedback, be it positive or negative- simply send me an email: support@sb-software.de!
Requires Mac OS X 10.3
Universal Binary!