E Pluribus Unum
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E Pluribus Unum 1.0.0a
A simple application to join fragmented files into one single file again. Drag‘n‘Drop and done!
E Pluribus Unum joins file fragments as commonly found in newsgroups or as email attachments into one single file again. Simply drag all fragments into the app, hit the „merge“ button and done you are!
This little app was my first „public“ try at Cocoa (and my only one in Java/Cocoa). It was written in 2002 but as it is still downloaded regularly, I figure it is still useful to some people at least...
E Pluribus Unum is freeware and can therefore be downloaded and used completely for free. Please be aware that I disclaim liability for any consequences arising due to the use of this software.
I appreciate any feedback, be it positive or negative- simply send me an email: marco@sb-software.de!
Requires Mac OS X 10.1